Annual Maintenance Contract


Considering the fast-changing media sector technologies, organizations can’t get strict to installed technology infrastructure forever. To compete in the competitive field of broadcasting and networking field, businesses should achieve technical competence, operational scalability, global connection at less operational costs. Many business sectors and leaders are not much known of new tech arrivals, so we offer our end-to-end project consultancy and annual maintenance contract. With AMC services, broadcast business can do their work worry-free, as we are there with 24*7 support to solve any problem or changes.

Why Media Verticals need AMC services?

  • For maximum uptime
  • Best customer engagement
  • Quick resolution of any technical failure
  • Problem analyzation & solution in minimum response time
  • Optimizing delivering capabilities
  • Lower down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Keep you ahead from your competitors

BroadTel Systems offer managed services & support for broadcasting, IT, networking, media and many verticals. We offer our customers three ways to choose the maintenance services.

1. Comprehensive Annual Maintenance contract

This contact includes all services maintenance from design to implementation. We offer product replacement, repair, installation to update new technological change. This contract includes, project consultation from experienced management team, technical support from skilled engineers, operational assistance from our team of experts and product support from our authorised sale partner. For this contact we have detailed Service level agreement (SLA) that gives the terms & conditions in detail.

Project consultation- BroadTel System's experienced workforce analyse the root cause of changes required and offer efficient strategy to convert them into real within minimum time and least operational cost. Our productive team take every step precisely to transform the workplace or technology environment positively.

Technical Support- Our technical experts are completely dedicated to solve any tech issue in minimum possible time. From fixing hardware and software problems, they follow quick responsive problem escalation method. They help clients with keeping the services up at maximum and optimized IT performances. We don’t believe in delaying issues until there is not a global emergency. System experts detect and resolve technical errors/ failures with their technical competence. We are ready with our risk management plans and contingency plans to cope with unavoidable situations. With right use of technology assistance and model, we help our clients to minimize IT costs.

Product Support and maintenance- BroadTel work with leading technology partners to give best product and after sale service to our clients. Our products come with world-class and latest technology that results in effortless business operations. We got the relevant technical knowledge of particular product, skills, tools and processes to execute system integration process easily. We offer product service at large scale to broadcast & media verticals with core competence.

Operational Support- In the fast-adapting digital world, everyone wants to stay updated with latest technology and globally visible. For this, business require a regular check for new technology need and new revenue sources. Balance between revenue sources and minimum TCO can be achieved by our operations management solutions. With adequate operational support, corporates can achieve service quality and enrich the customer experience.

2. Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance contract

Non-Comprehensive Maintenance contract doesn’t include technical support. In this contract service, we visit the client’s site and find out the issue. We suggest them the right product or requirement for new installation or error-fixing. If client agrees and seek for technical assistance too, we provide that separately. This contact is feasible for well-established broadcasting hubs or media giants with in-house technical engineers.

3. Call based maintenance service

We also offer on call support which are not associated with us in a contract-based service. In this support, our technical team arrive at client site and give on-site assistance as per requirements.


To keep updated and maximum productive, contact us for Annual maintenance contract services. We offer best industry services, productive output and technical support in broadcasting & media industry.

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