SATCOM (Satellite Communications) is an integral part of today’s digital world and future communications. It is emerging communication means that offers capabilities to meet the future aviation communication technology with present infrastructure. BroadTel Systems provides special purpose networks using VSAT services suitable for various applications.

SATCOM sector covers the major area of defence operations, big scale management & global projects. We are expanding our services in SATCOM verticals where we offer wide range of voice and data satellite communication integration services for an output of global coverage. Get the global connectivity on land, air, in the sea with world’s most trusted mobile satellite networks. We strive continuously to meet the ever-changing demands and connecting people and corporates anytime through vast networks.

Growing world population and emerging digital technologies needs improved production and connectivity. Through satellite communication, business can face these challenges and maintain a terrestrial connectivity between resources and people. We enable organizations with our advanced system integration and technology-led approach to succeed in a new era of digital transformed world.

Why Need of Satellite broadcasting solutions occurs?

Audiences are demanding more & more as real-time news from anywhere on the earth. To stay ahead in competition, you need to broadcast the story first on your channel. Problem arises when there is no terrestrial network. Here comes the need of our satellite connectivity services which integrate the broadcasters with satellite networks.

With System integration services in SATCOM, you can broadcast the high-quality live story or event. It will be more reliable and provide industry-leading speeds. For studio production, video production & live streaming, we offer system integration and consultation services, so that you don’t loose connectivity or face new challenge while going live.

We are also capable of provisioning complex networks for remote areas and mobile SATCOM networks. Our cost-effective media technology services are highly secure and reliable for confidential information transmission. Our services include initial project analysis, consultancy, conceptual design, product & infrastructure, installation, user training, maintenance & support.

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